11:30 AM TO 9:00 PM



All Appetizers are served with pita bread

Soup of the Day - 5.95


Hummus  8.95

Seasoned Chick pea, tahini, garlic


Tzatziki - 8.50

Yogurt, cucumber and garlic


Babaganush - 9.95

Mashed eggplant salad with garlic and herbs

Ezme - 9.95

Spicy, finely chopped vegetables and walnuts

Carrot Tarator - 10.95

Shredded Carrots, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, mixed with greek yogurt, walnuts, garlic and spices



Mom's Potato Dip- 8.95

Mashed potato, dill, yogurt, garlic, cucumber 


Dolmades - 9.50

Grape leaves stuffed with rice(5pcs)

  Kisir(Turkish Tabouli) - 8.95

Cracked wheat salad 

with chopped tomatoes, scallions, onions, 

cucumbers, parsley

Sample Mezze Platter  25.95

Combination of 7:

 Hummus,Tzatziki, Babaganush, Ezme,

Kisir, Mom's Potato Dip, 2 pcs Dolmades


Falafel(5 pcs) -  9.95

Lightly fried ground chick peas,

garlic, parsley, spices, tahini sauce on top


Sigara  Borek(5 pcs) - 9.95

Lightly fried filo dough stuffed

with feta cheese


Sucuk Izgara  - 10.95

Char grilled cured beef sausages 


Saganaki  - 11.95

Greek Halloumi cheese breaded, pan-fried, dressed  with fresh lemon juice


Pan Fried Calamari  - 14.00

Lightly Pan Fried Calamari with Chef's Sauce


French Fries - 5.00

French Fries with Truffle Oil - 8.00



Shepherd Salad - 11.95

Chopped ripened tomatoes, cucumbers,

peppers, onions,  parsley, 

fresh lemon juice and olive oil 


Piyaz - 11.95

(Turkish White Bean Salad)  

White Beans marinated in olive oil and lemon juice with 

  chopped green peppers, tomatoes, onions and parsley  


Chef’s Salad -  12.50   

Crisp Romaine lettuce, ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, shredded carrots, calamata olives,

grape leaf, shredded feta cheese 


Add Chicken  6.00   

Add Gyro 6.50  

Add Salmon 8.00   

    Add Adana 8.00      

  Add Grape Leaf  2.00   

Add Falafel 2.00   

          Add Shredded Feta  2.00  



All Main Dishes are served with Rice and Salad


Gyro Platter 19.50

Vertically grilled shaved Lamb and Beef  mix 

Tavuk Shish - 19.95

Marinaded Char grilled Free Range

Cubes of Chicken on skewer

Bodrum Kofte Kebab  - 19.95

Char grilled grass-fed Beef patties mixed with 

Turkish spices

Adana Kebab -  19.95

Char grilled grass-fed ground lamb with spices

cooked on skewer 

    Beyti Kebab -  21.95

Adana Kebab wrapped in lavash topped with 3 Types of Chefs Sauces: Yogurt Sauce,

Tomato Sauce and Butter Sauce

Mixed Grill  -  24.95

Combination of

Lamb chops (2 pcs), 

Bodrum Kofte(2 pcs), Chicken (1 pc)



Lamb Chops28.50

Char grilled grass-fed New Zealand baby Lamb Chops

(4 pcs) 


NY Steak24.95

Char grilled, with peppercorn sauce on top 


Somon Izgara - 23.50

Char grilled fresh Salmon with dill sauce  


Sword Fish 23.50

Char grilled Sword fish 


Catch of The Day 

Halibut with Creamy Capers Sauce 34.00

Sautéed Halibut, creamy capers sauce with tomatoes, olives, parsley on top






Baklava - 7.50

Fillo dough with pistachios and honey syrup


Kazandibi -  6.95

Turkish milk custard with caramelized sugar on top,

sprinkled with ground cinnamon 


Halva - 6.95

Pressed sesame seeds with pistachios


Rice Pudding - 6.95

Creamy Rice Pudding casserole, burned on top

sprinkled with ground cinnamon



"We Offer Great Selection of Wine and Beer  from Around the World"




11:30AM to 3:30PM

Chicken Pita Wrap - 11.50

Char grilled free range Chicken, fresh tomatoes, 

onions, lettuce and homemade tzatziki sauce, served with French Fries

Gyro Pita Wrap -  11.50

Lamb and Beef mixed Gyro, fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and

homemade tzatziki sauce, served with French Fries


Falafel Pita Wrap -  10.50

With hummus, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, 

onions, lettuce and tahini sauce, served with French Fries

Sucuk Pita Wrap -10.95

Char grilled cured beef sausages, fresh tomatoes, 

onions, lettuce and parsley, served with French Fries

Adana Pita Wrap - 11.95

Char grilled grass-fed ground Lamb with spices 

cooked on skewer, fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce  

and homemade tzatziki sauce, served with French Fries


Bodrum Pita Wrap - 11.95

Char grilled grass-fed Beef patties 

mixed with Chef's special spices, fresh tomatoes, 

onions, lettuce and homemade tzatziki sauce,

served with French Fries

Steak Pita Wrap13.95

NY Steak, char grilled,  fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and 

homemade tzatziki sauce, served with French Fries


Salmon Pita Wrap - 13.50

Char grilled salmon, fresh tomatoes, 

onions, lettuce and Chef’s dill sauce, served with French Fries

Sample Mezze Platter -   14.50

Your choice of 3:    

Hummus, Tzatziki, Kisir, Potato Salad, 2 pcs Dolmades, Babaganush, Ezme    

  Add small cup of Soup  3.95  

Add side of Rice  3.00

Add extra Tzatziki Sauce  1.00

*We Recommend Making Reservations
for Dinner and Large Parties
*Ask Us About Our Daily Specials