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A truly genuine dining experience. The service was fantastic, the food was extremely delicious, and the atmosphere is perfect. All the staff made you feel welcomed; Even the chef came out to check on our dining experience. Will be stopping here as frequent as possible. 20/20

                                                     -Joe S.

You Will Be Thrilled You Stopped Here

Heart & soul is being put into this restaurant by the new owners. You are made to feel like a guest that is appreciated. The fresh vegetable presentations and the unique meat choices will quickly make this a city favorite. The mixed grill is a good choice to try a bit of the main meals. Lamb, kebobs and wonderful spice filled entrees. Had the spinach in phyllo to start and it was amazing. Pita bread is perfection. Ended with baklava to die for. Although not listed, they do have a decent selection of bottled beer. If you are going that route, don't be a wimp and order a Bud Lite or some such atrocious thing - try a beer from Istanbul. Good wine selection. Sounds as if they are working up a lunch menu, which is good as the dinner menu could get a little pricey for a noon bite. Get off the burger wagon and try this place. I travel the world and appreciate well prepared food - and this is it. Bonus points for relaxing decor. Check it out!    -Bannatyne

Shocking Surprise!

As a former Napa Valley chef and someone who literally eats out 7 days a week in Venice, saying that I'm bored with the food in this town is the understatement of the century.

Just about everything I had in their appetizer sampler was as good or better than any I've had before. 

The falafel was on point, and so was the tabouleh. 

I came back two days later and had their entrees, and they were also in a totally different category than any other food in Venice. 

The grilled swordfish filet was massive and the very best quality. I was expecting some rubbery, formerly-frozen disappointment. But no. I honestly haven't had fish as good in all of Venice. 

This would have been a $40 entree just about anywhere else in the country, but $16.95 at Bodrum. 

The mixed grill, featuring two types of kebab and lamb chops was also fantastic. 
The young, Turkish couple that runs the place is simply charming. 

The decor, which I rarely care about, is cute and tastefully done. The restaurant is tiny but not cramped at all. 

I'm not a drinker, but they seemed to have a nice collection of wine and beer. 


My girlfriend and daughter loved the place as well. You know the food is good if an 11-year old is chowing down on Turkish food and loving it. 

So I'm REALLY happy that Bodrum exists. It's a wonderful complement to the tiresome Italian and American fare on the rest of the island. 

There's not a better restaurant in town if you want to have a fresh, new experience with really unique and authentic flavors. 


-Matt S

Lovely Dinner

We went to Bodrum on a Saturday evening and enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal as well as a chat with the lovely couple who own the place. First off, we were well impressed with how busy the restaurant was for a very new place in August, a VERY slow time of year in Venice. Once the food began to appear we quickly learned why the cafe was so full.

We shared a mezze platter with generous servings of six different starters, all made fresh by the chef-owner, and served with fresh baked pita. We followed this up with the mixed grill, all of which was absolutely superb -- lamb chops, kafke, grilled chicken kebabs. 

If you like Middle Eastern / Mediterranean food you will not be disappointed with the selection and quality of the fare. And you won't meet a sweeter pair than the owners of this cafe.


Wonderful Evening

The setting was lovely, food excellent and the staff just great. There were four of us, and everything was so fresh and delivious. What a gem of a restaurant. So glad they opened in Venice! And so reasonably priced. Will return for sure!


Venice Can Be Proud Of Bodrum!

Gaining a reputation for excellence in international dishes with Italian and French influences, the addition of Bodrum, a Turkish gem with a nice setting is worth a try.

This afternoon for lunch, we shared a Greek salad and the sampler mezze plate with flavors that bring Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean fare to this increasingly nice culinary community in Venice.

Today we both commented how much Venice is improving in restaurants since the 15 years we have lived here and Bodrum is at the top of that group already.

We started with their delicious home-made hummus - smooth creamy with warm bread. The server told us they make everything home-made, only exception is the grape leaves shipped in from NY. 

We had the Aldana lamb kabob and the beef and lamb lofted kabob with rice and shepherd salad - fabulous!! 

Try the light fruity Gazoz Turkish soda. 

Chef and owner Ersen and wife Julia - very nice. 

Highly recommend - our new favorite restaurant!!

                                                -Hadley Z.

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